Sex Chat Lines

I had never considered myself as a man that would look for a Sex Chat Line. I had always had a very good social life, so I had never had the need or the desire.

But one night, I was home alone, browsing in the internet, bored to the bones when I came across this website announcing this cheap phone sex chat line. When I saw it, I remembered a friend telling me that he had used it before and that he had had a blast. I stared at the ad for a few moments before I picked up the phone and give it a try.        

The voice on the other side of the line was so hot, so alluring it hooked me from moment one. Not used to using Sex Chat Lines, I asked her a bit about her life, and she did the same. She must have noticed I was new in this because she took the lead and slowly guided me towards the real object of these calls: sex over the phone.

If her voice had hooked me from the first moment, her ways with sex on the phone finished the job. I had always thought it would be something gross, unappealing and absolutely not arousing. But it was all the opposite. She had me hot for her with only a few words.

She was obviously a real expert and the way she talked, the way she described what she would do to me had me hard and ready in a blink of an eye. Her words, the tone of her voice, the way she made me believe she was as hot and needy as I was were a recipe for success and in no time I was coming hard, splashing my hot seed all over my lap.

The after play was also excellent, we chatted and giggled about what had just happened, we talked about past experiences, in sum, we had fun. I had a lot of fun. When I finally hung up the phone, I realized I had been talking to her for two hours.

For a while I was ruminating the whole thing, still not convinced all of the operators would be that good, that I had just had luck getting in touch with the perfect operator.

After a while, I decided to call again and see what would happen.

I called again and I got another woman on the phone. Her voice was deeper, huskier and somehow even hotter than the previous one. This woman was more direct, more sexual in every way. Her descriptions were so good I could almost feel her hands over me. I closed my eyes and I would be transported immediately to a world of pleasure and sensations.

Obviously I came hard, again, and I was convinced.

This Sex Chat Line was amazing. They had amazing operators and I just knew I would call again, and again, whenever I felt the need or was feeling lonely or bored, I will call them again. In both calls I had a tremendous time and I enjoyed myself greatly.       

I will recommend this Sex Chat Line to all my friends, because I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I did.